Signs You Need an Oil Change

Slick or Sludge? Tips on when to get your oil changed.

Do you know that feeling of being sluggish, slow, and altogether inefficient? That’s how your vehicle feels with old, used oil in its systems. As oil moves through your car’s engine, it picks up imperfections, dirt, and grime and slowly begins to work less effectively. At Auto Remedy, we perform oil changes every day because they are an essential part of preventative maintenance, along with tire rotation, wheel alignment, and fluid checks. Here are some telltale signs that maybe it’s time to check on your oil:

Checking Oil In Your Vehicle

  • Take a look under the hood, if you can, to check the dipstick in the oil. Clean, effective oil should be clear, smooth, and honey in color. If your oil is darker, thicker, or has visible debris in it, it’s time for a change.
  • If your car has begun making knocking noises, this could be an indication that parts of your engine are not connecting smoothly.
  • Any burning or mechanical smells from your engine should always give you concern. If your oil needs changing, your engine may be overheating and damaging vital parts.
  • Closely on the heels of any new smells, any smoke is also worrying, and you should immediately seek mechanical assistance.
  • Your oil doesn’t need to get to such a desperate state as spewing smoke or damaging engine parts before you change it. Most vehicle owner’s manuals set out a recommended oil change schedule. Depending on your driving habits and frequency, this schedule may be modified for your needs.

Preventative Maintenance

At Auto Remedy, we know oil changes and vehicle maintenance aren’t your top concern on a daily basis. We mentioned the vehicle’s owner manual, but who has time to read that? We do! Our technicians here at Auto Remedy are experienced with all makes and models and will help you stay on top of your vehicle’s preventive maintenance without making it a burden. Whether you drive your car primarily around Apex, North Carolina, or your adventures take you further, our technicians can discuss your needs and tailor a plan for you. Call us today with any questions about your oil health or your ongoing preventative maintenance plan.

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