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Your Car Needs Oil Changes

No matter what kind of car you drive, you want to know that it can get you where you need to go safely without breaking down. If there’s one thing you can do to help your vehicle stay healthy and reliable, it’s regular oil changes! Auto Remedy is responsible for providing auto care solutions for our community in and around Apex, North Carolina. We want everyone to understand how important oil changes are to their vehicle’s performance and longevity. When there’s an issue, we provide services that restore optimal performance so vehicles can get back on the road and running as usual. But we wouldn’t be doing our entire job if we didn’t offer preventative measures to keep our customer’s from needing additional repairs. Oil changes are a great preventative measure that can be the difference between easy maintenance and major auto repairs.

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When to Get an Oil Change

Once you know that your vehicle’s health and performance can be protected by an oil change, the only question is when to do it. Auto Remedy understands that no two cars are alike. Although there might be another car that looks like yours on the road, it isn’t driven the same. Depending on what kind of driving you do and how often, you might need oil changes more or less frequently. Once our technicians get to know your vehicle, they can provide a recommended oil change schedule that’s perfect for you. Otherwise, we suggest that drivers follow the guidelines provided in their owner’s manual. If you have questions about your car’s oil and when to change it, reach out to us! Our friendly experts are here to help and want to make sure you understand what’s going on with your car. We’re always happy to explain our processes and walk customers through services.

What Happens During an Oil Change?

When you bring your car to Auto Remedy in Apex, North Carolina, for an oil change, we don’t want to leave you in the dark. We perform a free digital inspection during maintenance service! We also check the oil condition and levels, drain the old oil, replace old oil filters, and top off the vehicle with the right type of fluid to help it perform its best. If you want to see what we’re talking about, just ask! Our team is always happy to show our customers what we’re doing with their vehicles so we can help them feel confident and secure. It’s why we’re proud to offer Women’s Car Care Clinics at our shop. Check our schedule to see when our next clinic is or to make your next oil change appointment. We look forward to seeing you at our facility soon!

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