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With heavy-duty towing power and efficient engine capacity, more drivers are wanting diesels than ever before. To keep them peaked for maximum performance, however, you must maintain them well. That’s why Auto Remedy in Apex, NC works tirelessly to ensure your diesel gets all the attention it deserves. With state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and skilled technicians, you know your vehicle drives away from our shop in the best possible condition. Contact us today to see if our team can accommodate your diesel truck, SUV, or bus.

Known for durability and a longer life span than traditional engines, your diesel won’t need frequent tune-ups. However, it still demands regular care to stay in fighting shape. Here are the most essential components to service:

    Motor Oil – Like standard engines, diesels need plenty of clean oil to function well, so make sure you keep routine oil changes on the top of the service list.

    Oil Filters – Sulfur and carbon residue can build up quickly in these engines since fuel doesn’t burn off entirely, and a clean, high-quality filter keeps caustic particles from degrading the oil.

    Gaskets – Since these parts function in balmy, severe conditions, they need continuous care. While you’re at it, have the mounting bolts examined to keep leaks away.

    Glow Plugs – Diesel engines use compressed heat that doesn’t burn off all the fuel. For this reason, glow plugs must warm the cylinder before a cold engine gets ignited. Since they work hard, they require frequent evaluation (especially during cold months) to keep the engine functioning properly.

    Fuel System – Air can get trapped in diesel engines, preventing the fuel supply from flowing adequately. So, to keep all its parts aerated and lubricated, you should bleed the fuel system regularly. When you receive this service, fuel gets pumped through the lines, releasing any trapped air.

    Urea Injection System – Urea tanks have been standard in diesels since 2010, and they use special fluid to rid the exhaust system of nitrogen oxide. Like other fluids, it should be checked and refilled to maintain peak levels.

    Water Separators – The fuel filter separators used in diesel engines should have water drained as part of a regular service schedule. Doing so protects the engine as it keeps excess dirt and water from building up in the fuel.

If you live in or near Apex, NC and want reliable, speedy, friendly service for your diesel engine, call Auto Remedy today at 919-387-7270. Our expert technicians undergo specialized training and have decades of combined experience working on modern and mature diesel engines.

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