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Good vehicle owners take care of their car’s routine maintenance needs, including oil changes, wheel alignments, and tire rotations. When was the last time you thought to make an appointment for your vehicle’s heating and AC system? At Auto Remedy in Apex, North Carolina, we know that a good climate control system is essential to a healthy car. It provides a comfortable and clean environment for the driver and passengers everywhere they travel. Common heating and AC problems might be overlooked by vehicle owners who tough out the less comfortable cabin conditions during extreme heat and cold, but did you know that a failing climate control system could be a major issue for your car and wallet? That’s why our team recommends routine maintenance to help prevent serious problems that harm your health or your car’s.


How can you tell when your vehicle’s heating or air conditioning needs repair? Generally, you should seek expert assistance anytime the system isn’t performing as well as it should. If you’re suffering from intense heat during the summer months because the air coming out from your car’s vents won’t get cold, the solution could be as simple as refilling the refrigerant in the system. If the fans aren’t blowing strong enough for your vehicle’s settings, or if you otherwise notice a dip in the performance of your heating and AC, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. Auto Remedy performs auto heating and AC repairs on all makes and models to keep our customers safe and comfortable in their cars. We replace broken parts to restore heating and AC control. We also replace air and cabin filters to prevent pollutants (like dust & mold) from entering the cabin.

What’s Included in an AC Check?

During an AC check at our shop, our experienced technicians will perform a full visual inspection of the air conditioner and what surrounds it under the hood, including the compressor and belt. We’ll take note of any obvious damage, tears, or leaks that need repair. Once the visual inspection is complete, we conduct a more detailed check to test the system’s overall functionality. If we discover an issue during testing, we’ll be sure to include a repair plan to resolve it.

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Chances are that your car’s AC unit works hard throughout the year in Apex, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas, from the hot summers to chilly winters. Show your vehicle the professional attention it needs by scheduling an auto heating and AC service with your local experts. Auto Remedy is dedicated to supporting drivers in our community with the standard of care they deserve. We want to keep your car in its top condition so you can continue enjoying it for miles to come! Stop by our shop at 1101 Old Raleigh Road near the Food Lion and Apex Community Center for walk-in service. You can also use our online scheduling system or call 919-387-7270 to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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